Goalkeeper Clinics

Goal Keeper Clinic Schedule for all age groups

Note: Coach Guillermo will be off June 27th and July 4th 

Monday nights

4:30-5:30              At CMR                 2009-2011            Boys and girls                  Coaches:  Anthony and Nikolaj

5:30-6:30              At CMR                 2006-2008            Boys and girls                  Coaches:  Anthony and Nikolaj

6:30-7:30              At CMR                 2004-2005            Boys and girls                  Coaches:  Anthony and Nikolaj



Tuesday nights 

4:30-5:30              At CMR                 2009-2011            Make-up session             Coaches: Nikolaj

5:30-6:30              At CMR                 2007-2008            Make up session             Coaches: Nikolaj

4:00-5:30              Canyonside          2003-2004            All Levels Boys/Girls       Coaches: Guillermo

5:30-7:00              Canyonside          1999-2002            All Levels Boys/Girls       Coaches: Guillermo


Wednesday nights

4:30-5:30              At BMR                 2004-2006            Make-up session                Coaches: Anthony

Goalkeeper Clinics - Directed by highly regarded and experienced coaches, these training sessions offer SDSC Goal Keepers to develop their skills both technically and strategically. These mandatory clinics are free of charge for all SDSC keepers.

Anthony Meza - Former professional goal keeper and current Head Goal Keeper coach for the University of San Diego Men's soccer team. 10 years goal keeper coaching experience, NSCAA Level I-II-III Goal Keeper Coaching License, USSF C License

Nikolai Owcharuk - Played indoor and outdoor professional soccer as a Goalkeeper for 9 years and is a District and Regional ODP Goalkeeper coach.

Guillermo Rodriguez - 14 Years coaching experience, former NCAA D1 Soccer player, college conference goal keeper of the year, former Goal Keeper Coach for University of San Diego Men's soccer.