Team Finances

Team Finances

SDSC Club Fees

SDSC has gone to online registration and payment (credit card) for all players.  Each player will receive a personalized email with an imbedded link to direct the parent to register the player and pay the club fees online (please do not forward the registration email to any other player, as the information contained in the imbedded link is personalized for each player).  Players will have the option of paying the entire amount in one transaction, or dividing the fees up over three payments.  Please note:  All players will be paying through the online (credit card) system.

If you have any questions, or need anything clarified please feel free to email the Treasurer, contact information is below.

Nathan Thernes 

San Diego Soccer Club Treasurer
Scholarship Program 
  • As a Club, we welcome all players regardless of economic status.  There are a limited number of scholarships available to help defray expenses for qualified players.
  • Players allotted a scholarship are expected to have a higher level of commitment and participation.
  • Families on scholarship are expected to volunteer their time to the Club in proportion to the amount of the scholarship, and must be willing to sign an additional Volunteer Pledge Form that obligates them to additional hours of volunteer work.
  • Scholarship amounts will be credited against the player’s financial obligation to the Club (no money will change hands).
  • To be considered for financial assistance, a scholarship application is required and must be completed and submitted to the coach.
  • Families interested in a scholarship should contact their coach to request an application. 
  • The Scholarship Committee has the discretion to consider any changes to this policy

Fee Refunds

Request for refunds may be granted for, but not limited to, the following:

  • A medical emergency (e.g. injury to player) or a season ending injury. The SDSC Board of Directors reserves the right to request a written letter from the physician.
  • Relocation from area

Club Refund Policy 

Player fees are comprised of registration fees and coaching fees. The initial registration fee is non-refundable.  If a player has to leave a team due to a season ending injury or moving out of the area, the coaching fees will be prorated with no refund paid after the start of the Fall gaming leagues, September 10, 2016.

The initial registration fee payment is non-refundable. Coaching fee refunds will consist of a prorated amount based on each full month remaining of the period defined by team age group.

Financial Responsibilities

Each team is responsible for paying its own expenses during the season. These expenses include tournament entry fees and extraneous coaching expenses such as per diem and hotel charges. It is the Team Treasurer’s responsibilities to maintain an accounting for each player on the team and to ensure that each pays his/her share of team expenses. Players who fail to keep current their financial obligations should be brought to the attention of the Coach.

Team Checking Accounts 


All teams will need to open an SDSC Team Checking Account. If you currently have an SDSC Team account, you should be good to go for the season.  The procedure for opening an SDSC account is first find a banking institution that you would like to do your banking.  You can pick any Bank or Credit Union, but we suggest you find one that will offer free checking under the Clubs Non Profit 501 C (3) status.  The Club has had success working with Mission Federal Credit Union, Rancho Bernardo Branch or Carmel Mountain Ranch Branch. We are able to have Team accounts without monthly service charges and a team credit/debit card.  Once you decide on a bank please send Nathan Thernes ( the Name, address, and bank/Credit Union contacts name; along with who will be the main administrator for the team account, please include the persons title for the team.  In addition, please provide any additional signers that will be on the account (along with title). It is important that the name on the letter matches what is on the person’s driver’s license (legal name).  Nathan will prepare a letter addressed to the bank that identifies our Non Profit Status and authorizes the administrator to open the Team Account.


Tournament Fees

These fees are covered by the team. Each player is required to pay for all tournaments the team has decided to participate during the season, even if the player may miss a tournament.

Reimbursement for Coaches Tournament Expenses

Coaching expenses for tournaments are additional and reimbursed by the team after the tournament. Funds for the coaches expenses should be collected from the team with the tournament registration fees prior to the tournament with clear accounting and transparency. Scholarship players are expected to pay all tournament expenses.

Coaches are not reimbursed for Per Diem expenses incurred while coaching Presidio league games, SCDSL league games, WCDA league games, or SCDSL and SDDA Showcase games. Coaches are reimbursed for travel expenses to Showcase tournaments for WCDA, State Cup and National Cup games.

Coaches Reimbursement Policy for Tournament Play

For Tournaments Played South of the I-91 Freeway on I-15 and South of I - 5/405 Freeway split West of Alpine on I-8 and North of the Mexico border - the coach is reimbursed $5 per player per tournament play day for meals, parking, their time, and mileage and any hotel costs if applicable.

For Tournaments Played North of the I-91 Freeway on the I-15 Freeway and North of the I5/405 Freeway split and East of Alpine on I-8 - Per Diem of $5 per player for tournament play day for meals, parking, their time, plus actual fuel expense for round trip travel to the tournament, and if applicable any hotel and air line expense. Coaches will provide receipts for fuel, airline, and hotel costs.