The Team Manager Manual and Guide contains all the information you need to successfully manage your team.  We've made every effort to document everything; if you see something that is incorrect or needs to be adjusted, let us know and we will fix it.  This guide was created by managers, for managers and your experience is what makes it better.

Overview  Team Manager

Volunteers are imperative to our club, thank you for your volunteerism. Managing a competitive soccer team requires some work and can be quite rewarding, when organized carefully. Please consider this manual as a guide that may require modification’s depending on the needs of your coach and team.

The following will be referred to herein as stated in parenthesis

  • California South (CalSouth)
  • San Diego Soccer Club (SDSC)
  • Presidio League
  • San Diego Development Academy (SDDA)
  • Southern California Developmental Soccer League (SCDSL)

Team Manager Responsibilities

Team Manager is the liaison between the coach, parents, players & the club.  Delegation of duties is highly suggested. Your families will feel more involved and it creates team spirit & unity. Team Manager will perform the following duties:

  • Communication-Keep the team organized and running smoothly by communicating practice and game schedules. (An App like Team Snap is helpful.)             
  • Direct-Team manager should direct all player questions (selection, positions & playing time) to the coach. Managers should not involve themselves in this.
  • Listen- Keep the “pulse” of the team, by listening & passing along concerns to the coach.
  • Records - Maintain a team notebook
  • Registration - Work with the Club Registrar to keep all players current
  • League - Handle all aspects of regular season games and playoffs
  • Gaming League Reports- Print score sheets and report scores
  • Attend - Regular attendance at Manager’s Meetings is imperative


The club will send information through the Team Managers to disseminate to their teams. It is very important that Team Managers communicate regularly with their players and their parents.  Communication can be handled via meetings, phone calls, regular emails and/ or apps like Team Snap.

For U16 Teams, it is important to ask for parent permission, prior to sending communications with the players. Older players drive themselves to practices, therefore, there can be less face-to-face interaction between Team Managers and the parents.

Provided in this manual is a checklist to assist you with the Team Manager responsibilities. Forms mentioned throughout this document can be referenced on the SDSC website. http//

Team Jobs

Depending on the size of team, some jobs can be combined and/ or eliminated

  • Team Treasurer will collect tournament fees, coach per diem and/ or travel expenses.
  • Uniform Coordinator collects & washes team jerseys at all games.

Note: All Team uniforms belong to SDSC and must be maintained by the coordinator  

  • Uniform Assistant organizes the team uniform order.
  • Tournaments Coordinator makes tournament arrangements and / or check-in.
  • Photographer takes photos and distributes them to other families.
  • First Aid brings the team first aid kit to the games.
  • Team Bench Setup brings and sets-up the team bench to each game.
  • Canopy Setup brings and sets-up the team shade to each game.
  • Social Coordinator coordinates any parties or gatherings.
  • Team Snap Coordinator keeps the app current with practice days, times, games and locations.
  • Fundraising Coordinator organizes any team fundraising.
  • Banquet Coordinator collects money for tickets, hands out tickets and organizes the photos from the team.

Team Selection

Players will attend tryouts on the designated dates by the Club. Once the players for the team have been selected by the coach, the next thing to do is meet the coach and have a team meeting.

  • Have the coach provide you with a list of the players so that you can compile a team roster. A roster template is available on the SDSC website Forms Page. 
  • Have the coach set-up a team meeting with the players and parents to prepare and discuss the expectations for the season.

Team Meeting

The purpose of the initial team meeting is to enable the parents, players and coaches to understand the following

  • Objectives & goals of the program
  • Meet the coach and learn of their experience, as well as coaching background
  • Commitments and further financial obligations for tournaments and other team expenses
  • Distribute handouts such as team roster, schedule of practices, team goals and rules
  • Have coach present coaching philosophy and methods
  • Have coach discuss any specifics to your program (Academy, SDDA etc.), need of any equipment (size of ball), SDSC Tournament participation
  • Have coach discuss practice location, times and general team policies
  • Recruit volunteers for the delegate positions- See previous section
  • Facilitate collection of 2 copies of Cal South Player Registration forms from each player
  • Facilitate collection of any Administrator paperwork
  • Inform parents of team camps.
  • Address any questions and concerns from the parents

Topics to be addressed by the coach

  • What can you promise the families and their families?
  • Which league/ bracket will we be playing in? (AA, AAA, Premier etc.)
  • When will practices begin and where will they be held? (Parents need to know this early to adjust schedules with any conflicts)
  • Which tournaments is the coach interested in playing prior to the start of the league starting?
  • Which tournaments are of interest after the league has ended?
  • Work with the coach to prepare a list of tournaments that he/she feels the team must attend.
  • Make sure that the tournaments that the coach feels are “required” are clearly noted.—Vacations- If half your families are going to be on vacation, not a good idea to attend a tournament
  • New Coaches may not have firm ideas of interested tournaments, and may need to rely on the Director of Coaches, the VP of Competitive or an experienced/ knowledgeable parent to guide them.
  • Cal South ( keeps an updated list of approved tournaments also.
  • What is the coaching philosophy for the season?

Other helpful ideas and suggestions

  • Be willing to listen to parent’s complaints and concerns
  • Keep private information provided to you in confidence
  • Encourage parents to be active participants in the SDSC organization.
  •  Ask parents to help out!
  • Know the policies of SDSC and be ready to explain them if needed
  • Handle confrontations one-on-one, not in a public setting
  • Allow the coach to make all the coaching decisions.

Player Requirements

Player Registration

Player Registration will be held by the Club soon after tryouts and team selections have been completed. The Team Manager will notify all players of the date/time of player registration, location and required documents to complete and bring with them.

  • Player Registration Application Form – 1 original, 1 copy completed on line 
  • Player and Parent Fee Agreement – completed on line 
  • Concussioon Information Agreement - completed on line
  • Player and Parent Code of Conduct - completed on line
  • Playing time agreement - completed on line 
  • Payment of League Registration Fees – must be paid on-line

Registration Fee Payment Deadlines :The Registration Fee is due at the time of Registration and must be paid on-line. All fees must be paid and current by August 1st in order to receive the player card.

Scholarship Program

  • As a Club we welcome all players regardless of economic status.
  • There are a limited number of scholarships available to help defray expenses for qualified players.
  • The Scholarship Committee has the discretion to consider any changes to this policy.
  • Families on scholarship are expected to volunteer their time to the Club in proportion to the amount of the scholarship, and must be willing to sign an additional Volunteer Pledge Form that obligates them to additional hours of volunteer work.
  • Scholarship amounts will be credited against the player’s financial obligation to the Club (no money will change hands).
  • To be considered for financial assistance, a scholarship application must be completed and submitted to the coach, and a deposit must be made through the on-line registration system.

Player Cards

  • Upon completion of all required documentation for players, the Club Registrar will print a Cal South a player card for each player.
  • Once the Team Manager receives the player cards, a small photo must be attached or the photo can be downloaded into the Affinity system and prints out on the card.  After this is completed, the cards are to be laminated.
  • Hole punch the top left-hand corner of each card and place on a ring.
  • The Player cards must be brought to each game and given to the referee prior to the game.
  • The cards must also be presented at the time of check-in for any tournaments your team will participate in. Without the cards, the game will be forfeited.
  • Cards are verified by the referees prior to the game start.
  • Electronic games cards and rosters can be used in Presidio and SDDA if the actual player cards are lost or not available. All the players must have their photos downloaded into the Affinity system to use the electronic game card roster. 

Team Vacancies

If your team is in need of additional players, email the webmaster of the Club to request a posting on the website for your team. Your email address will be posted and inquiries will be directed to the Team Manager and/or Coach.

New Player Tryouts - If a player is trying out or practices with your team, a signed release must be obtained BEFORE the player can tryout or practice with the team. This form requires a parent signature.

Adding a Player

  • A new player is one that is not currently registered with SDSC. 
  • A new player can be added at any time during the season as long as the team roster has not reached its limit. 
  • If the coach decides to add a new player, the forms required at player registration need to completed and submitted to the Club Registrar and Player documents collected for the team binder. The registration process needs to be completed ON-LINE. Payment of registration fees is due at this time. There may be a pro-rated fee adjustment made for registrations that occur after the start of the Presidio League season. You will need to contact the Treasurer for these amounts.

Player Release and Transfer

  • Players may leave a club for a variety of reasons. When this occurs, you must notify the SDSC Registrar and must notify the coach. The parent must do this on-line and there is a $25 fee. There is a Cal South roster freeze period that begins in August and concludes in the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Some gaming leagues have more restrictive transfer policies.
  • This is an on line process on the Cal South Website and there are complete instructions available there. 
  • The transfer must be approved by the parent, the transferring league registrar and the receiving league registrar and in some cases the Ca South District Commissioner.

Loaned / Borrowed Players

  • If you are using a loaned or borrowed player for a tournament, you will need his/her player card, Medical Release Form (white Cal South registration form), birth certificate and player card from the Team Manager. 
  • If you have a player who is borrowed by another team, the same information is to be provided to the other Team Manager. 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the information is returned to the parent, whom then returns it to the team administrators.

Player and Administrator Cards

The United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) is the governing board for youth soccer in the United States. Cal South assumes responsibility for player organization and control on behalf of the USYSA in the Southern California region. To manage such a large group of players, coaches and administrators, it uses a set of registration forms for players, coaches, League officials and Team Managers (or administrators).

Each player must have a current permanent USYSA player pass (player card) issued by CalSouth. These cards are checked prior to each game by the referees. Without them, your players cannot participate.

All coaches, assistant coaches, backup coaches, managers, assistant managers, and any other adult including parents, actively involved with the team must have proper credentials as required by Cal South.

These documents include 

  1. Program Administrator Registration Form
  2. Risk Management
  3. Coaching License

Coach / Administrator Cards

Upon completion of all required documentation for all coaches, assistant coaches, backup coaches, managers, assistant managers, and any other adult, the Club Registrar will print a Cal South coach/administrator card for each individual.

Once the Team Manager receives these cards signatures must be obtained. Typically, they will already have a photo printed on them. If not, you will need to get a small photo to attach. After signature and photo are completed, the cards must then be laminated. Cards are then placed on the ring with the player cards.

Risk Management and CalSouth Licensing Requirements

CalSouth has adopted the USYSA KidSafe program as the foundation for its Risk Management Program. The policy of Cal South is that every reasonable effort will be taken to exclude from program responsibilities any adult or minor with a documented history of child molestation (e.g. criminal record). All program administrators must submit to a legally sensitive criminal history check before or during their full participation in the Cal South soccer program.

All Program Administrators must complete a Risk Management Disclosure Form. Only persons who comply with this condition will be eligible to be registers as a Program Administrator by Cal South. Program Administrators are defined as State, district, league, club officials and program directors, team managers, registered team parents, athletic trainers, coaches, assistant coaches, substitute coaches, scouts, Coaches Education staff, and anyone else with an official capacity in the soccer program.

This process requires the individual to provide a photo ID and be fingerprinted. A Request for Live Scan Service is to be completed and a small fee required.

This is required of all NEW Program Administrators. If you have not gone through the Risk Management process you will need to go through as a NEW Program Administrator.   You must complete the Cal South Risk Management process even if you have a clearance from another organization such as a school or government organization.

Team Binder

Each team is required to carry at all games and tournaments a “team binder”. The following outlines what should be included in the binder

  • Official team roster
  • Phone list of all players and coaches
  • Pencil/pen bag
  • 2” metal ring for player/coach/administrator cards
  • Protector sheets
  • Medical Release Forms
  • Player birth certificate copy
  • Administrator forms
  • League and any other soccer Rulebooks
  • Laminated player/coach/administrator cards
  • Schedules and forms
  • Financial information sheet
  • Game day rosters (printed from Presidio League website)

Card Ring

  • Punch a hole in each laminated card and thread them in alphabetical order on the metal ring.

Player Information

  • In a protector sheet (one per player) place the Medical Release Form in front and player birth certificate in the back. These should be placed in alphabetical order in the binder. It is recommended to highlight the player name and date of birth for easier referencing on Medical Release Form and birth certificate.

Administrator Information - in a protector sheet place the Program Administrator forms for each individual.

Presidio/SDDA League Play

Our teams currently play in the San Diego Presidio League, which is affiliated with CalSouth. The younger teams U9 and below are placed in the League based on location and several other factors. Older teams, U10 and above are grouped based on the prior season outcome and level of play.

At the conclusion of League play, teams are adjusted for the next season dependent on the outcome of how the team finished in the current level of play. The level of play beginning with U10 teams starts with AA-C, AA-B, AA-A, AAA. Premier level of play will begin with U12 teams. Seeding of the teams is done by the Presidio League at the conclusion of each season.

Presidio/SDDA Website

All managers must obtain a username and password for the Presidio website in order to access team rosters, enter scores, reschedule games, etc. It is strongly recommended you have a team assistant or another adult who also has access to this information as a back-up in the event you are unable to fulfill the team manager duties.  Contact the Club Registrar to obtain a username and password.

Game Schedules

Presidio Administrators will post team schedules in early-to-mid August on their website.  To view your schedule go to

  • Enter “Administrative Logon”
  • Enter username and password

Rescheduling Games

  • The Club will notify you when the game schedules are available.
  • Team Managers will be given a short period of time to review the schedule of games to identify any possible coaching or player conflicts. These may include religious holidays, SAT testing, games at same time for coach, etc.
  • When reviewing your schedule, there is a tab to outline all your coaches games for the season and any conflicts will be noted in red.
  • Work closely with your coach and coach’s other Team Managers to resolve any conflict of schedules.
  • Review all game times and locations and take into consideration the travel time and pre-game warm up for all games if coach has multiple teams.
  • If the game is a home game, contact the Club Scheduler to check on date/field/referee availability options. Suggest getting 2 or 3 dates to offer the other team. Notify the Club Scheduler as soon as possible so the date/field/time can be confirmed.
  • If the game is an away game, put in a proposed date and time. The other Club will handle contacting their club scheduler. They will either accept the proposed reschedule date or propose another day.
  • In some cases, it is recommended to contact the Team Manager for the other team directly, via phone call or email, to propose some suggested dates and come to agreement before completing the process on-line.

Official Match / Game Roster Report

  • The Game Roster is to be printed out the week before the game and is accessed through the Presidio website.
  • Print out two (3) copies using 3 part carbon paper and bring to game to give to referees prior to start of game. Sign the bottom of both rosters. SDSC will provide the 3 part carbon paper to print the rosters. 

Presidio?SDDA League Rules - The rules for Presidio League are available on their website ( A copy of the rules should be carried in the team binder at all times.


  • Referees are paid prior to the start of the game.
  • A Referee Form will be provided prior to League Season play outlining all the home games.
  • On the back will be a list of the referee fees for each age group based on the number of referees.
  • The league will provide you with the referee money at the beginning of the season. It is the Team Managers responsibility to manage this money and pay the referees.
  • Referees are to sign the form and the amount paid for each game. 
  • Money left over is to be returned to the Club at the end of the season along with the completed Referee Form.

Please remind your coach, players and parents to let the referees do their job.  Any complaints or issues with the referees should be logged on the Presidio Website when entering the score.

Game Day Checklist Bring to all games

  • Team binder/bag (player cards, registration forms and birth certificates)
  • Ice packs in a small ice chest
  • First Aid Kit
  • Canopy, optional
  • Extra water, optional
  • Contact information for league admins, coaching Directors, your players and parents, and your coach

Recommendation Program all player and coach contact information in your cell phone and key Club officials. You may need these numbers quickly in the event a situation should arise where you need to contact your coach, players or a Club official.

Week of Game - Notify your team of the upcoming game date/time, location and uniform requirements.


  • 2:00p Game v. Del Mar Sharks @ Torrey Hills Elementary
  • Players be at field by 100p for warm-ups
  • Wear red warm-up t-shirt/red socks (bring white & red jersey)
  • Directions to Field (provide the directions)

Before The Game

  • Print out two (3) copies of the Official Match / Game Roster Report from Presidio website using 3 part carbon paper.
  • Cross off any player who will not be participating in the game.
  • You or your coach must sign the bottom of each form.
  • Give the Game Roster forms and player cards to the referees about 30-45 minutes prior to game time start.
  • If home team, pay the Referees and have them sign the Referee Form.
  • Verify the Center Ref has current patch on the breast pocket of shirt. You can ask to see a Referee’s card to verify they are licensed and have risk management completed.
  • Referees will check-in the players and verify player names with player cards, check equipment (e.g. cleats, shin guards, etc.) and check field equipment (e.g. flags, goals, etc.).
  • If you are home team, you are required to provide the game ball. It is also suggested a ball is placed next to each goal during the game. Make sure to retrieve the balls following the game.

During the Game

  • Team Manager assists the Coach with control of the sidelines.
  • If a dispute should arise, ONLY the Coach, Team Manager and Team Captains may respectfully talk with the referees.
  • It is a good idea to keep track of goals scored for both teams and penalty cards given for both teams (yellow or red) and the jersey number of the person receiving the penalty card. Verify this against what is noted by the referee on the Game Roster form.
  • Immediately After the Game 
  • Get player cards from referee.
  • Referee will fill out all forms with final score, players who scored goals, player or coach who received a penalty card, if applicable and enter their name. Make sure they print clearly.
  • Verify all information is completed.  If something is missing confirm with Referee and/or other Team Manager.
  • Initial in the appropriate box (Home or Away) on all forms.
  • Keep one copy for your records.
  • NOTE Proper completion of forms, including signatures, is critical in the event a dispute should arise about the game.
  • Returning Home
  • Enter game results (within 24 hours) on the Presidio website, including each team’s final score, players who scored goals, persons receiving penalty cards and reason, and referee names.
  • Send a copy of the Game Roster to the Presidio League Official for your region via mail, facsimile or email.
  • Keep the original in your team binder for future reference.


Teams will choose to play in a variety of tournaments throughout the season. There are many tournaments to select from locally, in Southern California and throughout the country.

Tournaments in California can be found on the Cal South website ( When selecting a specific tournament, you will be direct to the Hosting Clubs website with all relevant information for that particular tournament (e.g. application form, tournament dates, registration fees, etc.).

Tournaments are ranked based on their level of competiveness. The larger tournaments will typically have different levels of play for each age bracket (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze)

The team is responsible for covering all tournament related fees (e.g. registration, coach’s per diem). Each family is responsible for their own expenses if required to travel or stay in a hotel. Team fundraising can help offset these costs.

If a team elects to travel outside of California to participate in a tournament, travel papers and approval by Club and Cal South must be obtained first.

The following forms must be completed


Guidelines for Tournament Selections

Beginning of Season at Team Meeting

  • Discuss the number of tournaments your team will play during the summer, during season (Labor Day, Thanksgiving) and post-season (League Cup, December and January tournaments, State Cup).
  • It is a good idea to discuss with your Coach prior to the team meeting of tournaments to participate in and then present at the meeting, at which team some can be added or excluded. Ultimately the team as a whole should agree on the tournaments the team plays in.
  • Provide an estimated cost per player for each tournament. This typically ranges between $40-$80 per player per tournament. Team registration fees per tournament range from $450 to $1200 depending on age group, location and level of play.
  • Once the tournament selections are confirmed for the season you can begin registering your team prior to the tournament registration deadline.
  • 90 - 45 Days Prior to Tournament Dates
  • Register team – this is done through hosting clubs website; confirm the last day to register and make payment. If your team is not registered by the deadline you may be placed on a waiting list.
  • Make hotel arrangements (or have designated person handle) for team, including coach. Provide this information to team.
  • Complete travel papers if tournament is outside of California.
  • Three Weeks Prior to Tournament
  • Tournament representative will contact you with confirmation of acceptance and additional information about the tournament.
  • Review this information carefully, as it will have detailed instructions on what you will need to bring to the tournament check-in, game schedules, tournament rules and other pertinent information.

One Week Prior to Tournament

  • Confirm hotel arrangements (or have designated person do this).
  • Confirm game schedules (if available) and notify team

Before Leaving for Tournament, Team Manager should have the following

  • Team binder/bag
  • Maps to hotels, fields, check-in location
  • Ice packs in small ice chest (can be delegated)
  • First Aid Kit (can be delegated)
  • Hotel list
  • Know who each player is with – especially if carpooling
  • If parents are staying with relatives or friends make sure you have their phone numbers in case you need to get hold of them for game changes or emergencies.
  • Loaned or borrowed players information - player card, medical release form and birth certificate.

At the Tournament

  • Team Check-in
  • These are usually held the night before, on occasion they will be one-hour prior to game time start, and will require validation of player cards, medical release forms and birth certificates
  • Verify game schedule for any changes
  • Understand the game card and where to pick up or bring to game with you
  • Understand the tournament rules
  • Know the point system (e.g. 3-point system or 10-point system) – this will determine if you advance depending on how many points your team accumulates and how points tied are handled 
  • After the Tournament
  • If your team advances to the finals, prepare or have someone on your team prepare a write-up about the team and results and provide a team photo to the Club webmaster so it can be posted on the website.

First Aid Kits

  • All team managers must assemble a first aid kit and carry it with them to all games and tournaments. The purchase of a first aid kid is a Team expense.
  • It is also a good idea to have the Coach carry a first kit for practices. The coach should carry at all times a copy of the Player’s Medical Release forms in case of an injury at practice. 
  • If a player is bleeding, and blood and the open wound is visible, referees will not allow the player to return to the field. 
  • It is extremely important that players get plenty of water before, during and after a game. This is especially important in hot weather. Among other things, it helps to prevent cramping. Be sure there is plenty of water at games. If you are attending a tournament in extremely hot weather, it is a good idea to have an ice chest filled with ice water and several hand towels. When players come off the field and at half-time give them a wet towel to place on the back of their neck to cool them down.
  • Know where the near minor emergency center or hospital is located
  • Know how to get an ambulance to the field

Player Injury

  • If a player is injured such that they need to be transported by ambulance, have a parent wait by the street to direct the ambulance to the injured player.
  • The Team Manager should have a responsible adult follow the ambulance to the hospital (preferably the parents, of course, unless the player is unescorted).
  • The adult should carry with them the player’s medical release form.
  • Find out where the ambulance is transporting the player. 
  • The Team Manager should stay at the field with the rest of the team and finish the normal managerial duties.
  • If the Team Manager’s child is injured and the Team Manager must leave, the medical release forms for the remainder of the players must stay with the team. 
  • If a major injury occurs during a game, the Team Manager must note this on the game card and contact the SDSC league administrators and coaching Director.

Private Coaching

  • Many coaches conduct soccer instruction beyond their responsibilities as a San Diego Soccer Club coach.
  • No coach may be compensated for individual instruction to members of the coach’s team, in addition to their stipend from SDSC. They may, however, be compensated for individual instruction by members of other San Diego Soccer Club team coaches.