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So you think you want to be a Team Parent...

Congratulations and thank you in advance for your time and commitment to RB Rec. Soccer!  The Team Parent plays an important role in the organization of your team.  You will want to take care of the details regarding your team so your coach can focus on coaching.


  • First, meet with the head coach and ask them to identify ways that you can help them communicate with parents. Some coaches like to do this themselves, while others appreciate the help from their team parents!
  • Collect the team jerseys and have players names placed on the back of the jerseys.
  • Coordinate the creation of a team banner.   You can do this yourself or solicit help from other parents on the team.  This should be done before picture day.
  • Create a team roster and snack list to distribute. (Only if coach wants you to.  Again, some coaches like doing this themselves.)
  • Make sure there is someone scheduled for snack and a drink after each game for the team. 
  • Remind parents about their snack day.
  • Remind parents about picture day.
  • Talk to the coaches about a season-end party.
  • Confirm the date, time and location. Let everyone know what it is in writing...including the coaches. It can be as simple as meeting at a restaurant during the last practice. (Make sure your coaches can be there!)
  • Arrange a "Thank you!" for your coaches. Usually it is presented at the party. It can be as simple as a card signed by everyone. It is also okay to suggest a gift idea to the other parents and request small donations toward a common gift. (Ideas: gift certificate for dinner, plaque or trophy, framed photo someone took during the season).

If you have additional questions regarding your role as Team Parent, please contact us at



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